Solidarity Kilometers

Sport is a good vehicle to boost solidarity due to the emotional burden that entails. We contribute with our effort in important and significant causes.

In our first challenge, we will go by bike from Rubí to Madrid, pedaling 30 hours non-stop, with the aim of raising funds to help the children that suffer Muscular Dystrophy of Duchenne (DMD).

Collaborate now


We think that at the bottom of everyone there is the willingness to help, share and learn from everyone.

This project is for us a way to contribute with our grain of sand with the unnoticed collectives.

With our effort we want the collaboration of the big companies and entities with us in order to do this contribution, due to that we interchange our effort for Kilometers. The Kilometers are for them. 

Who are whe?


Born in Rubí on March 21, 1978. Specialist in the automotive sector, a fan of cycling and long-distance sports and committed to the causes of solidarity related to children. Founder of the project with which he will be able to help children by doing what he likes best, riding a bicycle.


Born in Barcelona on 29 October 1979. He has grown up on a bicycle and is a great fan of long-distance sports. As co-founder of the project he is in charge of the realization of the web and the promotion of the event.

In 2019, to Madrid by Duchenne 

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common muscular dystrophy diagnosed during childhood. It significantly limits the life years of those affected. It affects 1 in 3,500 children worldwide (about 20,000 new cases each year). 

It is a progressive disorder of the muscle that causes the loss of its function and therefore those affected end up totally losing their independence. The disease is caused by a mutation in the gene that encodes dystrophin. Because dystrophin is absent, muscle cells are easily damaged. Progressive muscle weakness leads to serious medical problems. Children need a wheelchair around the age of 12 and the average life expectancy is 30 years.

Countdown to the CHALLENGE









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